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Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Brand CE
Usage Laboratory, Hospital, operation theater
Internal Dimensions 530 X 400 X 390 mm
Capacity 230 V-AC

Features of Autoclave :

1. Table top and front loading Autoclave.
2. Fully automatic Micro-Processor based digital control.
3. Highly accurate semiconductor pressure sensor for 1.2 Kg 2.1 Kg.
4. Sterilization chamber made up of thick Stainless Steel tested with high pressure.
5. Digital timer for both wet dry heat.
6. Wet timer start after desired temperature is reached irrespective of load of instrument in chamber, Dry timer starts automatically after wet cycle is over, Resulting in perfect sterilization.
7. Silicon rubber ring gasket in door, silicon tube for drain water. 8. Screw handle for door locking mechanism preventing sudden opening of Door.
9. Auto drain of water and also condensation of steam.
10. Auto drain of water and also condensation of steam.
11. Alarm after every cycle over with different sound, acknowledge without washing process.
12. Auto equalizer of pressure in chamber for easy opening. 4
13. Base and front panel made of stainless steel.
14. For safety : A) There is thermocouple which cut-off heater above certain set temperature. B) There is safety pressure realize valve. C) For any means cycle is not completed in time gives alarm. D) If Temperature OR pressure goes beyond limit gives alarm. E) Continues showing pressure and Temperature of chamber.
15. Programmed parameters are stored in Flash memory, eliminating the need to set the parameter again after power off. 16. 16×2 LCD with back-light display to temperature, pressure, errors time of cycles.

Technical spec.

  • Supply voltage 230 V-AC
  • case Dimension 530 X 400 X 390 mm
  • chamber size 225Dia X 400 mm depth
  • weight 31 Kg.